Welcome To Tee-Off!


This is only a show case environment. It is aimed at golf club owners and managers. If this subject is not of interest to you, then there's not much here to entertain you. However, if you manage a club house for golfing, this aplication is something that might be of GREAT interest.

  • Set Your "Rates" page from the dashboard
  • Set Tee-Off Time intervals at will
  • Impossible to have Tee-Off Time conflicts
  • Users can request Tee-Off time online
  • Users never need to type if using HTML 5 supported browser
  • Quick all "clicks" form layout for Tee-Off request form.
  • Easy form layout to use taking Tee-Off request over the phone.
  • Admin can approve a Tee-Off seconds after
  • Users get a notification of approval in real time in their dashboard
  • Tee-off schedule in admin dashboard
  • Tee-off schedule shows all requests and Tee-off for that day
  • Schedule listens for all requests without needing to refresh the page
  • Admin complete management of all entries (create/edit/delete)
  • Admin search any entry in seconds to manage
  • Admin pruning of old entries to keep data to a minimum
  • A Bulletin Board for Admin. Admin can post a message on any or all user's Bulletin dashboard quickly with an expiration date. (Ads)
  • Complete money report with export to Excel option
  • Email confirmation process on new user registration
  • "Forgot Password" process implemented
  • Users can Tweet messages among themselves

A video will be made in the near future, meanwhile...

If you would like to use this application for your golf club, contact me on my parent site, https://www.benbigras.com . A demo will be given in person, or through online video session. You need to own or manage a golf club to be taken seriouly.

I am still adding features to this application, so it might get even better than the list above. :)


Please use a modern browser for best experience.